Michał Wolny


Actor of Municipal Theatre in Gliwice. A graduate of PWST NATIONAL ACADEMY OF THE THEATRE ARTS IN KRAKOW Department of Acting in Wroclaw (AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow Branch in Wroclaw).

In addition to acting he writes dramas, as well as the songs which he sing.

His passions are poetry, film, philosophy, theater. If someone invents an unknown joke about his name - a guaranteed prize (consolation).

Name : Michał
Surname : Wolny
Birthday : 08.06.1993
Email : michal.wojciech.wolny@gmail.com
Employer : Municipal Theatre in Gliwice
Agency : Róża Stańco


  1. DEMO – SHOWREEL (less),
  2. DEMO – ETUDE (more).


  • 01

    Karol/Pisarz in Miasto we krwi (2019) dir. J. Głomb,
    Municipal Theatre in Gliwice

    Tom in Perfect Wedding (2019) dir. G. Castellanos,
    Municipal Theatre in Gliwice

    Actor in Najmrodzki, czyli dawno temu w Gliwicach (2018)
    dir. M. Siegoczyński, Municipal Theatre in Gliwice

    Miłość w Leningradzie (2018) dir. Ł. Czuj,
    Municipal Theatre in Gliwice

    Parys in Romeo i Julii (2018) dir. K. Rekowski,
    Municipal Theatre in Gliwice

    Edmund in Damy i huzary (2018) dir. G. Gietzky,
    Municipal Theatre in Gliwice

    Gaston Koszulka in Lekcja tańca w Zakładzie Weselno – Pogrzebowym Pana Bamby (2017) dir. Ł. Czuj,
    Municipal theatre in Gliwice

    Bormental in Psie serce (2017) dir. K. Rekowski,
    Municipal Theatre in Gliwice

    Dominik Mikrut in Dom spokojnej młodości (2017) dir. Ł. Czuj, Municipal Theatre in Gliwice

    Franio in Ojcze Nasz dir. K. Baraniecka (2016)
    Kombinat Theatre in Wrocław

    Kai in Snow queen H. Ch. Andersen dir. D. Banek (2016) Municipal Theatre in Leszno

    Szatow in Demons F. Dostoyewski dir. K. Kirsz (2015)
    Theatre PWST

    Miedwiedienko in Seagul A. Czechow, dir. G. Wojdon (2016) Theatre PWST

  • 02

    I`ve got only you- the main character (2017), dir. Paweł Cichoński

    Lokator - artist (2017), dir. Krzysztof Rymsza

    Zaratrustra - Brown (2017), dir. Krzysztof Rymsza

    Zabite drzewo - the main character (2016), dir. Materusz Zieliński

    Ofiara- the main character (2015), dir. Krzysztof Rymsza

    Together - He (2015), 48H Film Festiwal

    Owoc – Filip (2014), dir. Michał Rakowski

    Premiera – the main character (2014), dir. Joanna Frąckowiak

    Coś więcej niż track - the main character (2014) (video clip)

    Singielka - bit part (series)

    M jak miłość - supporting roles (series)

    Pierwsza miłość - supporting roles (series)

    Klan - bit part (series)

    Wydział kryminalny - supporting roles (series)


  • 01
    PWST National Academy of The Theatre Arts in Krakow Department of Acting in Wroclaw

    (currently AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow Branch in Wroclaw)

    Dramatic acting.


  • 02
    Music High School them. F. Chopin, Cello

    Double bass and piano.


Achievements and courses

  • 01
    Selected achievements

    Scholarship of the President of the City of Wroclaw
    Youth Award in the field of culture WENA

    Scholarship of the Young Talents Program

    Member of the National Fund for Children Program

    Special Prize at the VII Tourist Student Song Review of Danielka 2013

    2nd prize in the contest O złoty jesienny liść

    3rd prize (in duet) on XXXIII National Review of Song and Poetry PIOSTUR GOROL SONG

    Distinction in the playwriting competition Debiut u Dormana

  • 02
    Workshops and courses

    Atlas - a project in the Teatr Powszechny as a playwrighter

    Pracownia Podejrzanych Praktyk Teatralnych by M. Sikorska-Miszczuk and Artutr Pałyga (Playwright Workshop)

    Project Actor - workshops with senior acting in the New Theater in Krakow( A. Polony, E. Karkoszka, E. Lubaszenko J. Świech)

    Workshop by Zbigniew Zamachowski, Ensable Festiwal at castle Książ in Wałbrzych, in the end - Amadeus P. Shaffera performance

    Dubbed course run by Mariusz Arno Jaworowski, Waldemar Modestowicz, Szymon Orfin

    Workshop in Techniki Michaiła Czechowa by Graham Dixon

    Workshop by Romane Siwulak in Cricoteka

    Workshop at Samozwańcza Akademia Teatralna, Jacek Głomb, Przemysław Bluszcz, Robert Urbański

    Conducting Workshops at Junior High School in Bytom, for creative activity classes

    Playwright workshop with Juan Luis Mirza at the Cervantes Institute

    Workshop theater Porywacze ciał
    L. Skibiński's workshop at the Cinema Theater

    Film seminar by prof. Krzysztof Zanussi

    Project of the Silesian Dance Theater Taneczny namiot - leading Carly Smith

    Taneczny most - a dance workshop with Peter Anderson


    – Cat. B driving license
    – Football
    – Swimming
    – Folk and national dances

Musical skills

    – Classic and acoustic guitar
    – Bass guitar
    – Piano
    – Double bass, cello
    – Singing


    – English


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Music video, commercial, 48H Wrocław


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